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  • ~B.

Dear Diane, Patty and Elaine,

My mind is still so shattered from G’s death that I don’t think I can write in a straight line, but with the return of the key I do want to thank you for making the last four months of her life as good as they could be. The minute she moved to Ashley Glen, a huge weight rolled off of me. Every time I walked through the front door I could feel the waves of love that you and your staff kept rolling toward the residents. My sisters and I wanted to thank Cheri, Elba, Dannyelle, and Emma in particular- plus your angels on the front desk who stayed in constant touch with me and answered all of my questions. Blessings on them all…

Please accept my deep, deep gratitude. You have chosen such a difficult, vital vocation and I for one am your grateful beneficiary.

  • ~J.

My mother, G.A., stayed in your facility for respite care from March 14th to March 21, 2017.

… The care and caring she received at your facility was exemplary. It is evident that all of your employees are caregivers to the residents. This became evident to me when Mom described how Teresa from the dietary department helped her with her hearing aids. It was reassuring to me to know that she was being so well cared for. Mom seemed to know all of the employees by name and they knew her name.

Thank you for providing the culture of caring to your residents.

  • ~C.

Dear Raleigh,

You are a special very special person. There aren’t many people that are as kind and crazy-good as you. You elevate everyone you encounter and it is plain to see how loved you are. My mom didn’t like hanging out with “old people” because she wasn’t old! Thank you so much for all the attention, love, and laughter you gave her. She truly loved you.

J.H.’s Daughter

  • ~J. & K.

Thank you and all the staff at Ashley Glen for their excellent care you all provided M. and for giving her a warm caring home for her last years of life on earth. All of you were so wonderfully attentive to M. and to us while she was in the process of dying. We both felt that you were caring for us as well as our Mom during these last days. Some caregivers sought us out to share their fondness for M. and her special relationships with them. It was a great, great gift to know that the warm part of my Mother’s personality still existed when we have not experienced it these past years. For this kindness we are especially grateful! We would be pleased to serve as references for Ashley Glen if that would ever be of help to you.

Thank you to you and everyone at Ashley Glen!

  • ~H.

My Mom, H.C., was a resident of Ashley Glen in Peachtree City, GA, from September 2015 to her recent passing in April. She made it to a month short of 98 and there was a reason for that—the excellent and compassionate care she received at Ashely Glen.

Making the decision to move an aged parent out of the home she lived in most of her adult life was not easy. When my brothers and I left her off at Ashley Glen, after driving her down from New Jersey, she was not in great shape and wheel chair bound.
Returning to the garden state, I wondered if I would ever see her again. I visited that December and the transformation was nothing short of a miracle. She was out of the wheelchair, alert and eating well. There is one reason for that— the people at Ashely Glen.

I eventually moved to Peachtree City and visited her every day. She was always happy and healthy. My mother thrived there. She did so because of the top-notch care she received from the employees who took care of her. I can’t tell you the peace of mind that gave me.

Ashley Glen is the kind of assisted living facility it is because of its Executive Director, Diane Newton. Her door was, literally, always open. Any questions or concerns were answered with the best interest of my mother of paramount importance. Diane is especially adroit at handling government paperwork. I can’t thank you enough for that.
I just wanted you to know of the fine assisted living facility you have in Peachtree City. My Mother’s stay will never be forgotten.

Thank you.

  • ~B. & B.

The family would like to thank Colonial Oaks Assisted Living and Memory Care at Braeswood for the wonderful and loving care they provided in the last 3 ½ years of Mom’s life. Words can never express the depth of appreciation for their support given on a daily basis. The caregivers were amazing. They made her last years on this earth enjoyable and lived out with dignity…. We were blessed by an amazing team of caregivers, medical professionals, comforters, supporters, and prayer partner. We can truly say, well done thou good and faithful servants

  • ~E.’s Daughter.

Dear Colonial Oaks Staff,

This note seems ridiculously inadequate to tell you how much I appreciate all that you have done for my father and me the last 5 years. Your compassion and care for Emmett has exceeded anything I could have imagined. By the time he moved to Colonial Oaks, dementia had turned a kind, gentle man into a grump, but you turned this Grinch into a Santa Claus!

I could tell he made some friends despite his loss of speech and his caretakers always displayed kindness when dealing with him. His funeral Sunday was perfect for him. Outdoors at his family’s pavilion, perfect weather, birds singing, cattle in a nearby field, bagpipes and guitar music, next to the small Presbyterian/Baptist/Methodist church that his ancestor started in 1870. You all helped him through a very cruel disease (dementia) and even allowed him to finish his life in his room. We are so blessed to have been able to spend these last 5 years with you, and I find great peace in knowing he received the very best care.

Thank you.

  • ~E. J. & Family

Good Morning Kimberly,

Please share this with Clarissa, Pam and the other staff members. You will never know how much we appreciate all of the staff’s dedication towards my dad. When I was looking for a place to move him, I looked any many places, talked to many folks and did lots of research. Once we visited Colonial Oaks, I was done looking. I always felt like my dad was priority to all of you. I am forever thankful for this. My dad is with my mom, in a much better place, not confused, not in pain and celebrating.

Your love and care towards our Dad has been such a blessing to our family. I’m not sure we would’ve made it through this year without you!

God Bless you all!

Thank you

  • ~J.R.

To Friends at Colonial Oaks

Thanks for the lovely plant to us honoring our Mother, G.J. It is a reminder of the professional and compassionate care given to her at her weakest time in her life. Thank you for your patience with me as I faced giving up control to those who understood her “state” after two hip replacements and hospitalizations this year. I was exhausted by the time we arrived to the Village and so was Mother. She did appreciate you care even if she didn’t always want to take her medications! I never heard her say anything but praises for the care she received. You are all angels to me, and I already miss you. Feel proud of yourselves for the good that you do. You are great.

  • ~D.C.M.

We say thank you for the care, compassion, and love that you heaped on Dad, Charlie, and me in the past month. You are a truly amazing group with a very special gift. We will always remember your kindness.

  • ~G.

Thank you for your kindness and caring for my father Sidney Gilbert. Although he wasn’t there long, we loved him being there and he liked it too!

Knowing he was in a good place has brought us a lot of peace.

  • ~The B. Family

Dear Colonial Oaks Katy Staff,

Although we have thanked many of you in person over the years, we are compelled to express our gratitude to each of you in this letter.

Our Mom became part of the Colonial Oaks family in 2009.She will soon be 98! Finding just the right place for her concerned us in the beginning as she was both legally blind and deaf… until we walked through the doors of Colonial Oaks. We loved the home, the lay-out and the warm embrace we felt as soon as we entered. For the past nine years, you have loved and cared for Mom as if she were one of your own family members. We can’t tell you how much that means to all of us. It is comforting to know that you are watching over her, keeping her safe, and showing her the compassion and respect she deserves each and every day. Whether we are in town or out, we leave knowing that mom is in good hands and in a place she loves to be. So often she will say “This is a nice place. They are good to me here. “Music to our ears!

Unfortunately, she does not travel well anymore. But, when she was able to come to our homes, she would enjoy her time for a while, but then would say “I’m ready to go back home now”. What a blessing it continues to be that she truly considers Colonial Oaks her “home” and all of you part of the family that cares for her. We are grateful to each of you for that peace.

  • ~A.F.

Throughout the years we have had many residents as patients for nursing and misc. therapies. We have always had a great working relationship with this organization and your employees. Our staff has enjoyed being in such a pleasant setting and building relationships with the residents as well as the employees. Our goal is for the patient to come first and by problem solving with each employee involved at Colonial Oaks our goal has always been met. That is outstanding. Our Therapist are out of the box thinkers to create each resident a full adjustment to their individual situation and keep them independent at Colonial Oaks. This is something your organization understands and stands with us to better serve you.

It has been a great working relationship throughout the years!

  • ~S.H.

We tried for 4 years to get my sister to sell her house in Atlanta and move here, and when she finally agreed, I had to get busy trying to find a suitable assisted living facility for her. I had two main conditions: it needed to be a place that allowed her to keep her two Shih Tzu dogs, and it needed to have a memory care section in the event her dementia worsened and we would need to transition her. I checked out around 5 such facilities, but I knew as soon as I walked into Colonial Oaks/Pearland, that it would be a perfect home for my sister.

I met Dee, Marketing Director, and she made me feel so comfortable and at ease, no pressure. She gave me a tour, and I was impressed with everything I saw. I have to admit that even though I sent information on the five facilities to my sister, I did really “nudge” her to “choose” Colonial. She moved into her apartment there in December, 2013. Dee was helpful in setting all of that up, and helping me get S. situated.

Sande has done so well at Colonial, and I’ve no regrets about my choice of facilities. The staff is wonderful, always friendly, always there to help residents, and families in any way they can. As a family member, it’s so important to know that my sister is in such a caring and safe environment. My sister’s dementia has worsened over time, but the Director, Lakeyda Patterson, has been so helpful in working with me, and is there to help me determine when and if the time comes that she needs to transition to the Village.

My sister is very happy at Colonial, and has made several friends since moving there, and she participates in so many of the activities that are offered there. Colonial also was great in allowing me to help them establish a Red Hat Chapter (The Rolling Reds of Colonial Oaks) to provide a special activity every other month for the ladies.

I definitely give Colonial Oaks a big thumbs up!

  • ~L.M.

My mother is L.S.… the sweetest woman in the world! Back in 2009 Mother was beginning to fall and I decided that she should not live alone anymore. As usual she agreed…she has always made everything super easy! I feel that god was watching over us because at the time Colonial Oaks was about to open. We came for a tour and I was sold. Everyone we spoke to was so positive and full of spirit and I had a good feeling about it. Mother moved in with her dog, Watson, on September 18, 2009, and lived in her room until December 1st, 2016. At that time we moved her to memory care.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was I have been with Veronica. The staff is just outstanding. Mother is more stimulated then she has been in years. And I have peace of mind, because I have seen firsthand how well she is cared for. My main worry about Mother being in a facility concerned her health. I worried that being around so many people would result in her being sick often. During these past eight years she has been healthier than she has ever been. I know that this is a result of the professionalism and care from the staff.

I thank God very often for Colonial Oaks and all who work there. You all have my eternal gratitude.

  • ~C.M.

On a late Sunday afternoon, our first time in the building, P. and I were greeted and I asked if we could have a tour. There was no hesitation from anyone’s part. We were given a tour of the facility. Our questions were answered to the best of our guide’s ability. I needed to investigate other places just to be sure, but I knew this was the place for my 89 year old father.

My first employee encounter, Lonnie, with my father J., was exceptional. He took time with my Dad and made him feel welcomed and valued. Moving to Colonial Oaks was my decision, not my Father’s. He knew a move to Assisted Living was inevitable, but we both thought we would be able to make the tours and decisions together.

Hawaii Luau night was so much fun. Dad’s 35 plus year old Hawaiian made shirt still fit. He had so much fun at all of the festivities. He especially enjoyed the picture with all the lady dancers. The staff needed an event like that. I could tell they were enjoying the Luau too. Seeing the residents and staff we able to cut loose and interact with each other during a social event was very touching.

My dad J., like so many other residents in Colonial Oaks, was a depression era teen and a WWII veteran. He was from a Queens, New York, Irish Catholic family of 6 children. He moved to Texas at age 12. In his heart he was a Texan, although very proud to be born in the state of Rhode Island… The staff of Colonial Oaks listened to him, worked with him, put up with his corny jokes, tolerated his slightly inappropriate humor (ok just plain inappropriate), listened and laughed to the same jokes over and over and cared for him like he was one of their own relatives. My Father could remember and tell a joke or a riddle all his life. It is a gift I wish I had.

The last days of my dad’s life could not have been more comforting. Once I knew a clinical direction to take my Father, I contacted Dee, Lisa, and Melony. They coordinated and took care of getting my dad situated for his hospice care. The amount of attention, love, support, concern, professionalism, and graciousness for the last few days of my dad’s life are still ingrained in my mind today. Once my Dad passed, I asked if they could contact Lonnie because he and Dad had built a special friendship within a few minutes Lonnie appeared to say goodbye to Joe.

Colonial Oaks staff was my Dad’s family in more ways than anyone will ever know.

  • ~K.B.

I wanted to thank all of you at Colonial Oaks for the excellent care that you all gave to our Dad. I cannot tell you how much it means to us to know that he had a place to come to that gave him not only excellent care, but love as well. We were blessed to have him as our Dad, and we were so blessed that he could live at Colonial Oaks.

I pray to God daily and thank Him for my sweet Dad and thank him for you all.

  • ~S. Family

I would like to thank you and your staff for the caring and the love my mom received as if she were your own! The whole family appreciates the warm, loving environment that you provided both our parents in their final two years. We were very fortunate to find your facility.

  • ~F.

I wanted to thank all of you at Colonial Oaks for the excellent care that you all gave to our Dad. I cannot tell you how much it means to us to know that he had a place to come to that gave him not only excellent care, but love as well. We were blessed to have him as our Dad, and we were so blessed that he could live at Colonial Oaks.

I pray to God daily and thank Him for my sweet Dad and thank him for you all.

  • ~M.

I have an Uncle residing at Colonial Oaks. From the very beginning, the facility is clean, well maintained, wonderful food preparation, with excellent activities. We cannot say enough about the staff that is most attentive to his needs. First hand, he love them and they love him.

This family is truly blessed to have found such a wonderful, caring home for him.


When I realized that I could no longer keep Stuart at home, I was afraid and hesitant to put him in a place away from home. So far, I have been delighted with Tranquel’s leadership and the loving people who care for Stuart. He is much happier being on a schedule. He is eating and sleeping better. He enjoys the activities provided by Colonial Oaks.

During challenging times (Hurricane Harvey and health issues) the staff reached out and takes care of the situation. They always give me peace of mind. This is a very difficult in the lives of my family. We feel comfortable and secure with Stuart at Colonial Oaks.