A Tree With Strong Roots
Laughs At Storms

Trusted advisors. Visionary leaders. Extraordinary results.

The hardest climbs result in the greatest views.

Senior living is constantly evolving. We should know…we first planted roots 42 years ago, 10 years before the term “assisted living” even existed. Since then, much has changed in our world. Our mission of loving and serving has not. This focus allows us to maintain a “people first” approach to all we do. As we continue to grow, we remain rooted and driven from the heart. 

If you spend a few moments with our leadership team, two things are likely to happen: First, you’ll smile. Smiling and enjoying the gift of each day is in our DNA. Second, you’ll hear us sharing and brainstorming the things we’re working on to make our communities better. You see, good enough is never good enough for us. That’s why we start every single week with a strategy meeting; to ensure we’re all focused on the same goals and prioritize what’s most important. as we go about our day-to-day work. 

What’s love got to do with it? Only everything.

Drive Profitable Growth

No margin, no mission. We dive deep into your community to be sure we know which KPIs will make the greatest impact to drive results. As needs evolve, so does our focus.

Accelerate Success

It's a marathon, not a sprint. Time is of the essence. That's why each strategy not only includes a comprehensive plan, but also a "by when" to keep us on track.

Challenge Convention

"We've always done it this way" is a taboo phrase at Voralto unless you're prepared to explain why. This approach is what has set us apart and keeps us constantly improving.


(pronounced vor-alto)

In Italian, “laVORo per dio, in ALTO nel cielo”  translates to “I work for God, in Heaven above.”

We love this phrase…though it’s a little hard to say. So simply, we chose Voralto. Here, our mission is to love and serve our friends and neighbors. Our neighbors include our residents, their families and friends, our team members, investors, the local communities in which we operate and the greater world around us.